Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Bye November

   With Thanksgiving being so early this year it took me a while to realize that we had a whole other week of November after that.  We had pretty good weather that week, so Luke and I were able to get outside.  He even took us on a long hike down, across, and up the ravine by our nearby park.  Luke was a real trooper through it all.  I only had to carry him a little bit.  That wasn't too bad for a four year old on a three mile hike where we went up the equivalent of 30 flights of stairs.  I loved it.  If I thought I could get away with it we would definitely do more hiking together.  I'm just not sure how far I can carry a four year old, and I am in no particular hurry to find out.  

One of Dax's favorite places to sleep is on our beach towels

Luke swinging at the park

The creek that Luke and I hiked along

Luke all smiles on our hike

I caught Emery sleeping one morning

Then I found Avery asleep like this one night.  That's the Zelda walkthrough that's open.

I forgot to get a picture of Luke's stunning Thanksgiving turkey

Avery playing with Sisko's new beloved Ikea cat toy

We got our Christmas tree all decorated

Here's Harper, Emery, and Avery painting some Christmas scenes

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thanksgiving Week

  The week of Thanksgiving was action packed.  Daryl took most of the week off, so Wednesday when the kids get out of school early we took them to the bowling alley.  They loved it.  For our Thanksgiving meal we went to the Thanksgiving buffet at the Hilton. The food was delicious, and I didn't have to make anything.  The day after Thanksgiving we went with Christie, Ben, and Zander to a light maze called Enchant at Safeco field. Everyone enjoyed the lights but the girls really loved getting their faces painted there. It was my birthday on Sunday, so Saturday we had a birthday lunch with my parents before Daryl surprised me with karaoke with our family and friends.  It was a private room, and we found out that Emery enjoys singing into a microphone a lot.  

Luke loved bowling

Luke, Emery, and Harper

At the building that houses the bowling alley.  Avery, Harper, Emery, and Luke

There was a dipping station at Thanksgiving dinner, so all the kids had a lot of chocolate that day

Emery gave Thanksgiving dinner two thumbs up

Nothing like Thanksgiving pizza and chicken tenders

Avery wanted her picture taken like this

Harper, Emery, Luke, and Avery at Thanksgiving dinner

Luke and I went on a walk after Thanksgiving dinner when it was pouring rain.  Luke loved jumping in puddles.

Daryl and Avery snuggling with Sisko while watching a movie

Zander and Luke at Enchant

Harper and Emery

Harper, Emery, and Avery.  This was the best picture I got.

Avery with unicorn face paint

Harper with a cat face paint

Emery with her unicorn face paint

At my birthday lunch

Avery and Grandma at karaoke

Benny stuffing himself full of sweet potato fries at karaoke

The first three decorative papers are Emery's.  The black pumpkin and Autumn poem are Harper's.

A close up of Harper's Autumn poem.

Harper's turkey

Our Christmas tree came in the mail on Wednesday

Daryl helped the kids convert a box into a rocket

The rocket has been a source of fun for days now

Avery loved bowling so much she constructed her own alley in her bedroom

Luke playing with Sisko

Luke being Luke

Dax likes when the living room fireplace is on

Harper and Emery with my birthday cookie

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Double Digits!

  On Monday Avery turned ten.  As it happened there was no school that day, so I took Avery and her best friend Nico bowling.  After bowling I let them go crazy in the arcade where Avery won a crazy amount of tickets, so they were both able to pick out some great stuff.  Avery ended up using a pumpkin pie as a birthday cake because we had already done cupcakes twice for her already, and I had a pumpkin pie sitting around that hadn't gotten eaten already.  She didn't mind.  Avery loves pumpkin pie, and more importantly she got new LOL dolls for her birthday.  After the LOL dolls got opened a lot of things were forgotten.  

I couldn't resist adding in this baby picture from when she was a month old.  I feel like I still see this look on her face.

Avery and Nico bowling.

Playing arcade games is intense work.

Avery and her birthday pie.

Although he had already blown out candles twice, Luke wanted to help Avery blow out candles again.

When my Mom made him stop blowing out the candles he cried.

Then she shot whip cream in his mouth.

All was forgotten.

Avery digging into her presents with an eager Emery and Harper looking on.

Harper crying because it wasn't her birthday and she wanted LOL dolls too.