Saturday, June 23, 2018

Father's Day

   Father's Day was as low key as Mother's Day since we were recovering from the excitement of having a bunch of family in town.  The kids made some cards for Daryl and filled out some Dad questionnaires as primary that gave an eye opening view of their father.  Then we ended the evening by dropping Daryl off at the airport, so he could spend the next week out of town working.

Emery's Father day card

Avery's Father Day card

Luke's Father Day card

Harper's Father day card





Friday, June 22, 2018

Full House

    Last week we had the pleasure of having my brother Phil and his wife Heather with their two boys Maddux and Aidan stay with us along with my sister Nellie and her daughter Reagan.  It was super fun.  With them visiting we had all my siblings together except for one of us.  That's a pretty impressive feat to pull off.  We got together with everyone to go to Dave and Busters to celebrate all the dads since it was the day before Father's Day.  We also took all the nephews (except for Benjamin) and nieces there to see the Incredibles 2.  We almost took up an entire row in the movie theater.  We played some epic pickle ball at Adam's house and we slid down on cardboard at the park by our house.  Daryl and I also enjoyed playing board games with Phil, Heather, and Maddux.  Everyone stayed up too late every night and we ate too much good food.  Everything you could want from a family gathering.

Maddux, Aidan, and my Dad at Dave and Busters.

Harper and Reagan

Emery and Avery 

Nellie, Benjamin, and Reagan

Luke dragged me out of Dave and Busters into the mall, so we rode the carousel.

Nellie and Benjamin

Avery, Reagan, and Maddux ready for pickle ball.

Luke blowing bubbles at Brad and DeAnna's.

Emery, Reagan, and Harper playing a game together.

Daryl ordered a flight of meats that we compared and contrasted.  The clear winner was the meat from Japan of course, with the Waygu from Bothell being the runner up.

Heather is taking the picture of us at the movies.  Starting in the front right: Logan, Emery, Harper, Reagan.  Next row: Mom, Avery, Aidan, Luke and me with my eyes closed.  Last row:  Dad, Nellie, Phil, and Maddux.

Sliding on the cardboard was actually super fun.  I did it a few times myself and got some great grass stains on my jeans.

Emery, Harper, Reagan, Maddux, and Aidan

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Earlier this June

   This first weekend in June we went with our ward to our church camp out at Ensign Ranch in the very place I went to girls' camp as a teenager.  Avery and Harper were all set to sleep in the top of the A-frame until night time when they decided to sleep with Emery and I in the wall tent.  Daryl took Luke home for the night.  Luke's time for camping overnight is quite here yet, and Daryl was only too happy to take him home.  The girls had a great time.
   The next weekend we took the kids to a little fair in Puyallup where they bounced around on bouncy things and hung out with some cool animals.  Enjoy the pictures! 

Avery and Harper in the top of the A-frame.

The wall tent they ended up sleeping in with Emery and I.

I took Luke and Emery to the play place at McDonald's and it was intense.  I don't know how well you can tell, but Luke's entire face was red and his hair is sweaty.

This was inside the Honey Bucket we used at the kids' fair.

Luke and Harper petting some bunnies and chickens.




Emery rising from the dead.  She said she was pretending to be a bat.

We finished the day at Lunchbox Laboratory.

Avery and Harper enjoying their milkshakes as well.

Emery somehow not enjoying her milkshake.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

May Days

  Looking back at all these pictures I can see that including our trip to England, it was a pretty eventful month.  Mother's Day happened the day after we got home from England, so it was extemely low key.  Daryl and I put together a new closet organizer for Avery's room during which we had lots of help.  Both Avery and Harper had concerts at school.  I finally hiked Poo Poo Point with my ministering sisters.  That was amazing.  Then the next weekend after returning from England I went down to LA for the weekend to spend it with Daryl who was there for work while they were launching a new software system.  We went to Six Flags and bought the pass that allowed us to go to the front of the line for everything.  It was a little intense.  Neither of us had been to Six Flags in many years.  We definitely could feel a difference in age.  Then we visited Universal Studios to go to Hogwarts and have some delicious butter beer.  While I was away Daryl's sister Ashley was the best ever and watched the kids for us.  Memorial Day weekend we went over Brad and DeAnna's house for a barbecue and then hosted some of Daryl's family at our house as well.

Emery ready for building a closet organizer.

Luke could not be outdone.

Sisko checking the integrity of the new closet organizer.

Avery's closet almost done.  We put the top shelves in a couple weeks later eventually.

Emery and I had an ice cream date one afternoon just the two of us.

I had some serious jet lag when we came home from England and walked down my obnoxiously big hill around five in the morning.

Luke accompanied me to the dentist and was very good the entire time.

When I was in LA, a Mini Cooper suddenly burst into flames.  The firefighters had it out incredibly quickly. It was amazing to see.

Daryl and I at Six Flags.

Daryl and I at Hogwarts.

Mount Rainier from not quite Poo Poo Point.

A para glider launching from Poo Poo Point.

The view from Poo Poo Point.  I love where we live.

Harper's elementary concert.

Ayva and Luke being super cute.

Apparently Luke and Avya were partners in crime.

Avya and Luke just being adorable.

Luke hitting the ball at Brad an DeAnna's.

Emery holding a slightly concerned Benjamin.

Benjamin and Lady

Avery really wanted to hold Benjamin.

Harper and Emery on a rock at the park.

Daryl and I saw Weird Al at the Moore Theater.

Harper being Harper.

Sisko being very comfortable in the Yahtzee box.

Luke and Harper helping make S'mores with Peppa Pig on in the background.

Luke gave me this picture from preschool for Mother's Day.

One last Benjamin picture because I can't stand how cute this baby is.