Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Disneyland Part 2

 Here's the rest of the pictures from Disneyland.  We had a character breakfast where the kids met Stitch, Daisy, Minnie, and Mickey.  The girls really loved it.  Also we really lucky and pleased to meet my aunt Dianne and cousin Lisa at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney for lunch. It was so great to see them.  We just wished it was a longer visit.  It was a lovely trip, but exhausting.  We were at the park when it opened every day.  It took Daryl and I almost a week to feel normal again after we got home, and we were only at Disneyland three days.

Avery and Stitch

Harper and Stitch

Emery and Stitch

Luke looking adoringly at Minnie and Avery.

Emery and Minnie

Harper and Minnie.  Hey a picture of me made it to the blog!

Emery, Harper, and Avery with Mickey

Mickey and Avery

Luke not wanting to interacting with Minnie.

Luke deciding to spend the rest of the character breakfast under the table.

Zander joining Luke under the table.
Harper, Luke, Emery, and Avery in the lobby of Paradise Pier.
Harper being really goofy with Goofy.

Daryl hanging with Stitch.

Aunt Dianne, Emery, Avery, Harper, and Luke.

Aunt Dianne, Emery, Avery, and Harper showing off the toys Aunt Dianne bought them at Rainforest Café.

Harper, Emery, Lisa, and Luke.

Emery inspecting a picture of herself on Aunt Dianne's phone.

Luke clutching the cars Aunt Dianne bought him.  They now sleep with him every night.

Harper needed to see pictures of herself as well.

Luke still clutching his cars and wearing Minnie Mouse ears that he insisted on trying on just like his sisters.

Harper and Emery with their ears.

Disneyland Part 1

   Well Daryl and I had a moment of temporary insanity decided to take the whole family to Disneyland during the kids' mid-winter break this February.  Our friends Ben and Christie came with their kiddo Zander too who is about Luke's age.  We had a pretty good time, and it was fun to watch Luke and Zander be silly together.  Here's the photos of half our trip.

Luke really enjoyed the bus ride from the parking garage to the airport.

Here's Harper, Daryl, and Emery.

Avery with a less than enthusiastic Luke. 

The joy of traveling with older kids.  Avery was fine the whole time playing Nintendo.

Luke was really good too.  He colored and played with his cars for a long while before we got the iPad out for him.

Daryl was also a good traveler.

We had a layover in San Francisco on the way down and the kids loved playing at play area in our terminal.

San Francisco also had a really cool display of Maneki-neko cats.  The kids loved it too.

The first day Emery rode Space Mountain with Avery and I.  She did not want to ride it again.  Avery and I rode it every morning on the other hand.

Luke, Zander and Ben taking it easy on Ariel's carousel.

Emery with Christie in the background.

Harper wanted Daryl to ride next too her.

Luke getting ready for Midway Mania in California Adventure.

Harper, Avery, and Emery

Emery was tickled pink to meet Mickey Mouse.

Luke was too shy to get any closer to Mickey than this.

Luke, Harper, and Emery meeting Minnie Mouse.  Luke once again feeling shy.

Luke happy to see Mickey.

Luke, Harper, Avery, and Emery trying to pull the sword in the stone out.

Avery and I are in the front.  Avery is wearing her gold Shopkins jacket.  She did not want to ride Guardians of the Galaxy again.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day

     Valentines was on Wednesday which is our busy day.  It's their short day of school and we have speech therapy and piano lessons.  We had hot dogs for dinner, and that's about as fancy as we got.  I have capture Valentine's Day in all its messy glory at my home.  Daryl was sweet and got flowers for the girls, but then Luke was mad he didn't get flowers too. 
Harper drew this Love Monster at school last week.

Emery made some festive Emery hearts.

Here's Avery with all her Valentine paraphernalia strewn about her.

This is Harper enjoying her hot dog with all of hers and Emery's Valentines strewn about the island.

This is a picture of Luke taking the only bite of hot dog he would eat this evening.

Emery too only enjoyed one bite of hot dog.

Luke cheesing it up for the camera.

Harper and Emery saying hot dog! for the camera.

Luke trying to steal Harper's rose.

He really wanted it.

Avery let him hold her rose and all he really wanted to do was smell it and hold it.  It made him so happy.

Emery looking sweet.

Harper with her first grade class on Valentine's Day. She is the front row in the red shirt and glasses.