Monday, May 22, 2017

April 2017

  April has come and gone.  Here are a few of the highlights of the month.

Luke fell asleep like this on our bedroom floor.  He just didn't like any of the shirt options that night.

I love that their are still a few little baby chubs.
Luke has been coloring more on his own lately.

Emery demanded this action shot with my trusty carpet cleaner in the background.

Harper and Sisko having breakfast one morning.

Sisko thought he needed to have some hard boiled egg as well.

Harper begged to differ.

This was the Sunday morning of General Conference.  I like to have a bit of a continental breakfast. 

Luke, Emery, and Harper hunting for Easter eggs.  Daryl and I are pretty lame.  Harper hid the eggs herself and then led her younger siblings on the hunt.  Avery was busy doing something else.

My sweet sister-in-law, Angie, made little Easter baskets for the kids.  Avery instinctively knew how to eat the Pez candy directly from the dispenser.   

Luke has entered into another phase of liking yogurt.  He calls it ice cream though much to Emery's confusion who always joyfully calls out that she would like ice cream too.

Luke figured out how to open the cabinets on his own finally by grabbing onto the molding.

Avery copied this picture from our Zelda guide book.  I know I'm biased but I thought it was pretty good.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Daryl and I've Been Married Ten Years

   A couple days ago was our tenth anniversary.  To celebrate Daryl and I went to Vancouver BC last weekend.  We got our first every couples massage, and we are sold.  It was very relaxing and the hour just flew by.  I was looking forward to finally going to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.  I've been wanting to go without my children for two years, and we finally made it happen. We also rode the tram up Grouse Mountain to eat at The Observatory up there.  The view was incredible.  We got to see the city and Vancouver Island.  It was a great trip, and it seems crazy that ten years has gone by so quickly.

Hey we took one picture of use together.

This is the catwalk at Capilano.

Another view of the catwalk.

The titular suspension bridge.

This gives you a better idea of how high up the bridge is.

On our way up Grouse Mountain.

That's Vancouver Island out there.

Our view from our table of downtown Vancouver.

Avery's Long Lost Second Grade Concert Rescued From my Phone

      While perusing my pictures on my phone I realized that I neglected to mention Avery's second grade concert featuring the music of Disney.  Avery was so excited about this concert because she got to have a speaking part.  She practiced so hard.  It was a big deal.  Then the original concert date got cancelled because of the snow, and then the make up date almost got cancelled.  Avery did great, and it was a pleasure to see her so happy and excited about her speaking part.

Here's March

  Looks like an entire month has passed us by already.  It's been good around here.  Avery and Harper started piano lessons the last week of February I think, but at any rate this was their first full month of piano lessons.  So far Avery really enjoys them and doesn't need  much prompting to practice.  Harper needs more time to warm up.  

I was trying to get a picture of Luke burying his face in his Jello bowl eating it, but he suddenly decided to eat civilly with his spoon.

Apparently this new table we put in the kitchen is really an elaborate holder for Sisko's plastic cat bed. 

Tyler and the girls playing with Tyler's new Nintendo Switch. The game they were playing was a baby simulation, so Tyler is actually cradling his "baby" in the picture.

Karl and Daryl hanging out.

Luke playing the iPad and Sisko converting yet another piece of furniture into cat furniture.

Luke was on a real kick eating this way for a couple weeks.  I imagine he just practicing for his ultimate destiny winning a pie eating contest.

Then Luke had to move his blanket with his teeth.

Harper set up her dentist office one day, and gave Emery a check up.  Avery's just photo bombing.

Em hamming things up.

Emery and Luke really wanted to hang out in this basket one morning.

Harper had to make a leprechaun trap for her class.  All I can say is thank goodness for Pinterest.  I've never built a leprechaun trap before.  It wasn't a think I was a kid.

Luke saw me cleaning the range, and insisted on helping me.  He is so sweet.

Harper posing for me at the piano.

Emery has discovered Super Mario Brothers on the Wii, and she is in love.  She is surprisingly good at actually.

I got new mattresses for Avery and Harper, and Luke wanted to be in the box while it stood up vertically.  I think he said something about it being a rocket.

We also got the Nintendo Switch this month with the new Zelda game.  Avery and Harper both enjoy playing it.  Harper is particularly funny to watch play.  Once she encountered a beehive in the game, and panicked so much she had to stop playing.  

Harper watching Avery play Zelda.

Were you wondering where all the pillows on my bed were.  They are all on the floor courtesy of Emery and Luke.  They love to throw them all off and jump on top of them from the bed.  Sometimes they hide them too, or pretend they are a boat.

An Abundance of Artwork

  When you have kids in preschool and elementary you're going to get a lot of artwork.  It is a constant in life.  Here is the latest batch.

Harper made this gorgeous rainbow.

Harper created this portrait of me.  I got to pick the colors of my striped shirt.  The likeness is uncanny.

Emery made this beautiful piece of modern art at preschool.  I'm sure she chose the pink color to symbolize shattered innocence.  A fine example of modern art.

I think this was Luke's snowman, or it might've been Emery's.  I really can't remember now.

A snowman by Harper.

Emery did this pretty cherry tree.

Emery made the shamrock, and Luke made the rainbow.